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Our Commitment

• We will return your phone call within 4 hours.
• We will have a field service engineer in route within 48 hours.
• Telephone support is free to our customers.
• We will provide superior workmanship and strive to keep your costs down.

Types of Spectrometers Serviced

ICP Spectrometers OE Spectrometers DCP Spectrometers
Shimadzu Spectrometers
Thermo ARL Spectrometers
Perkin Elmer Spectrometers
TJA Spectrometers
Varian Spectrometers
Shimadzu Spectrometers
ARL Spectrometers
Beckman Spectrometers
Thermo ARL Spectrometers

* We service all models of the brands listed.

Service Agreements Offered

Type Description
Full Service

The Full service contract is designed to ensure the optimum productivity of your instrument in critical applications.  Control your annual maintenance costs by budgeting for a "one price covers all" agreement.  Full Service Coverage includes all preventive maintenance, emergency repairs, all parts, labor, and travel covered.

•  Fixed cost budgeting for your equipment maintenance.
•  Discounts on upgrades and other services.
•  Fast response.
•  Includes at least one Preventative Maintenance service per year.

Preventative Maintenance

The Preventative Maintenance contract is a service that follows a comprehensive checklist for your instrument. This service optimizes the instruments performance. It is also designed to help identify issues that may cause future instrument failure so that a quick resolution can be found.

•  Reduced downtime by resolving the small problems before they escalate.
•  Optimize your instruments performance.
•  Reduced Rates on Emergency labor.

Per Call Service

Per Call Service is an on-site per hour charge for customers who require emergency repair, general maintenance or operator training. The benefits of this service are direct OEM replacement parts, quality alternative parts, and years of valuable field experience at lower than OEM rates.

•  Direct OEM replacement parts.
•  Quality alternative parts.
•  Years of valuable field experience at lower than OEM rates.

Operator Training

To get the most out of your instrumentation it is necessary for your operators to have the basic knowledge on how the instrument works, procedures and daily maintenance required. We set up instrument training for lab staff. We create specific operating procedures and tailor them to ensure that the key elements to attaining the best possible results are followed. Training users on proper operating procedures improves not only instrument performance but will reduce downtime.

•  Improved instrument proficiency.
•  Reduced downtime.
•  Improved profitability.
•  Optimization of instrument performance.

Refurbished Instruments Spectrum Technology, Inc., frequently buys and sells used instrumentation such as used ICP Spectrometers, Spark Emission Spectrometers, and Optical Emission Spectrometers. Our inventory of used spectrometers for sale are updated frequently, so please call us if you would like to buy or sell a used spectrometer.

Our refurbished instruments are thoroughly tested at our repair facility before being delivered to our customer's site. Any problem components or items that need to be upgraded are replaced prior to delivery to ensure that you get the most out of your purchase. Refurbished instruments come with a new computer, the proper version of operating software, and a full one year warranty.